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Warning: Potential Walking Dead spoilers plus incidents of speculation to follow. Proceed with caution.

In this humble writers opinion, The Walking Dead Season 5 trailer was easily the best thing to come out of this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Not only was it two-and-a-half minutes of breathless action, but it also contained huge clues as to which major character could die in the new season. But it might be not who you think.

The biggest attention-grabber in the trailer was the moment when it looked like Glenn was about to get his head bashed in by a baseball bat-wielding goon.

This goon here:

  Home run!
Home run!

This scene got a lot of people worried, mainly because in the comic book source material Glenn has a rather destructive run-in with the big-bad Negan, and his trusty baseball bat Lucille.

  Meet Negan and Lucille
Meet Negan and Lucille

Even The Walking Dead FX guru, Greg Nicotero, commented on this, when someone pointed out the similarities between Negan and the goon in the trailer:

I can say I'm glad you caught that. And that your intuition... I can't say. I can't say. I can say that it's in the trailer for a reason.

It was certainly in the trailer for a reason, but that reason was not the foreshadowing of Glenn's death, but rather a case of deadly missdirection.

You see, cast and crew has admitted that the events depicted in the trailer don't accurately show what will happen in Season 5 and that the whole thing is a huge curve ball stuffed with red herrings.

I think the person that is actually going to die in the Season 5 premiere is Bob, so let's look at the trailer in more detail to see if we can spot clues:

1) "Victims" are lined up in order for the blood-letting to begin. Bob is at the end of the line, next to Rick.

2) Bob pleads with Gareth to stop, tells him about the mission to Washington DC.

3) Gareth makes notes, looks like he cares. I'm not sure that he does though. (Note massive knife and gun on his belt).

4) Goons hover in the background ready to pounce, almost like they're playing a deadly game of eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

5) Bob implores Garth to just "take a chance".

6) Gareth takes a chance, but not the one Bob wanted. I think this is the moment that he kills him. He has his arm around Bob's dead shoulders to keep him upright and never takes his eyes off Rick while he does it.

7) Rick gives Gareth his "I'm going to gut you like a fish" stare.

8) While Bob's head lays limp and lifeless next to him.

"But!" - I hear a handful of you cry - "we see Bob moments later with the rest of the group in the forest!" You make a very valid point. He can clearly be seen here, hanging around in the flora:

  There he is!
There he is!

But with everything we've heard from the cast and crew and what we've seen in the trailer, is it not possible that this is not actually in chronological order? My theory: the group escapes the train car at Terminus in the first few minutes of the Season 5 premiere, but get recaptured, taken back to the blood-letting troughs and Bob meets his demise.

Check out the trailer again below and let me know what you think.


Do you think Bob will die in the Season 5 premiere?

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