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James Franco might have failed miserably when he tried to break Stephan Colbert out of character, but he was clearly using all the wrong methods...

Although Colbert is best known for his biting satire, he is also surprisingly adept at dishing out sage advice to teenage girls about their everyday worries.

The 50-year-old political satirist appeared on Ask a Grown Man to answer questions from young girls, and he dispensed ladles of sensitive wisdom like the world's best Agony Aunt.

Check out his wise words about misogynist jokes, boyfriend-based drama, and how to tell if someone likes you below;

While listening to the questions reminded me of how painful and shit being a teenager can be, I was heartened to hear Colbert giving out such heartfelt and meaningful advice.

Who knew he was such a lovely guy under all that right-wing posturing!


Should Steven Colbert trade in his comedy career to be a full time agony uncle?

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