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Now, we are in no way saying that this is a bad thing - in fact, it's downright awesome - but have you guys noticed that Star Wars Rebels is starting to look an awful lot like Firefly?

As in, this brand new, shiny seven minute preview of the Star Wars Rebels pilot could actually be the opening sequence of an episode of Firefly:

All you'd have to do is add in a little more dirt around the edges, come up with a few fake curse-words, and hire Nathan Fillion, and boom - you've got yourself Firefly: The Animated Series.

Oh, and hire Joss Whedon to write the dialogue, but that one's kind of a given.

Even so, it's fascinating to see a Star Wars series be so obviously influenced by Firefly, seeing as Whedon was so obviously riffing on some distinctly Star Wars-ian themes with his show in the first place. Han Solo and Mal Reynolds have a whole lot of DNA in common, for one thing.

It's also notable that Rebels is set to be considered full canon as part of the Star Wars universe - which suggests that Lucasfilm have very much come around to the idea of a more rough-and-ready sort of space adventure than the relatively clean-cut space-opera of the original series.

Plus, it'll apparently have Lando in it, so all is now right with the universe.

Is it too much to hope to see a touch of Firefly in the upcoming [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158)?

Either way, [Star Wars Rebels](series:965946) is set to appear on our screens in October.


What do you guys think? Firefly, or Damp-ant?

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