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Taylor Kitsch (Battleship, John Carter) already fought drug cartels, aliens, giant white apes and very bad scripts.

But if recent casting talks turn out successful, the actor will soon have to compete with the memories of martial artist extraordinaire Iko Uwais, elbowing the bejesus out of his opponents. Not an easy task!

According to The Wrap, Kitsch is in talks to star in the remake of the Indonesian action feast The Raid. If you haven't seen the film, this is what we're talking about:

Now, Kitsch is also cast in the second season of True Detective which wraps around the time The Raid remake is supposed to start filming. As the latter will probably need the actor to do all sorts of sporty stuff as preparation, chances are he won't be able to include all the training into his 'Detective' filming schedule. Time will tell.

A side-effect of this casting news is the realization that The Raid remake is apparently actually getting made which, until proven wrong, I call a terrible idea. How is a Hollywood movie supposed to compete with an action scene like this:

Good news though: Frank Grillo of Warrior, The Grey and Captain America: Winter Soldier fame is already cast in the movie. Don't-know-how-I-feel-about-it-news: Patrick Hughes (The Expendables 3) is directing.

What do you think? Will The Raid remake live up to the original?


The Raid remake will turn out...


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