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The Paparazzi are like the wasps of the human world and desperately swatting them away can lead distracted celebrities to run themselves off the road.

After ruining an unofficial Friends reunion recently by causing Jennifer Aniston to have a minor auto accident, the paps have also caused Selena Gomez to crash her car.

Thankfully, the incident was minor and Gomez simply reversed her car into the back of a parked vehicle while she was distracted by camera flashes.

The 22-year-old singer turned actress later laid the blame for her fender bender squarely at the paps door via Twitter;

The police were not called to the scene of the minor accident and Gomez left her less famous pal to collect the insurance details from the other driver.

Check out images from the scene below;

Selena Gomez doesn't seem too shaken
Selena Gomez doesn't seem too shaken
Francia Raisa collects insurance details
Francia Raisa collects insurance details
The minor fender bender
The minor fender bender


Should paparazzi be allowed to photograph celebs in their vehicles?

(Source: The Daily Mail)


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