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Hey guys, I know I don't have the connections or resources of being a better contributor, but I do have two things: Entertainment Weekly subscription, and E-mail with an EW newsletter.

Every once in a while, I find out about giveaways such as this one, and the Game of Thrones one from a few months ago (that I lost. ).

I know by posting this, I am lowering my chances to win, but if I didn't know about these things, I would I want to know. And hey, if I won, maybe I would send the person who told me about the contest the prize... alright, I wouldn't.

The link for the giveaway is here but if you want to know the prizes, then keep reading.

There will be 115 prizes.

100 lucky people will win an exclusive Entertainment Weekly Walking Dead T-shirt. Don't know what that's gonna look like, but it will probably be a black shirt with with either a zombie or a character on it, or it will just say The Walking Dead.

10 luckier people will win a limited edition season 4 blu ray which looks like


And the luckiest person will win The Walking Dead limited edition electric guitars by Artist Series Guitar, which looks like

  And boom.
And boom.

You get to enter your name once a day, but I'm not sure when it ends. I plan on getting on there every day until it doesn't let me. Good luck everyone! And let me know if you win so I know who to ki-... Congratulate. Yeah... congratulate.


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