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Writer/Director/Producer Jeremiah Sayys is currently in the financing stage on his next directorial film Immoral Prodigy, a drama/horror/thriller, about a young psychology major, who puts her life and the lives of her friends and family in danger when researching the death of a boy prodigy, that may be linked to a dormant serial killer.

Sayys began writing the script back in 2008, shortly after wrapping principal photography on his directorial film debut Of Silence.

Sayys said of the film:

"Immoral Prodigy was the first idea I came up with for my next directorial film. It took me around three months to finish the screenplay, and after I finished it I realized how formulaic it was. It was like I subconsciously followed the guideline of writing a horror film right down to the T, and being a filmmaker who wants to bring as much originality as I possibly can to my projects, I put it aside. Then over the next five years of getting Of Silence finished as well as producing my other film The Legends of Nethiah, I wrote several screenplays that I just didn't have the passion or drive to push forward."
"And it all came back to Immoral Prodigy. So, I dusted off the screenplay, did a major rewrite on it to make it as original as I possibly could and got it to a place that had me feeling very passionate about it, then I put some money together and went out and directed a concept trailer for it. It truly all starts with story. I learned the very hard way that you can have the desire to write a story for any kind of reason, but if you don't have the passion behind it and the perseverance for it, whatever your reason was for writing it will eventually lose steam and stall, leaving you shaking your head."

But I'm extremely excited for Immoral Prodigy. The original Halloween and Halloween II are two of my all time favorite films, so they gave me a lot inspiration for the project. Immoral Prodigy has its horror and slasher elements, but at the heart of the story it's about friendship and the close bond that it can create. It's also about loss and learning to cherish those that mean the most to us, for potential danger is all around us and we never know when someone that we love will be taken from us or when our own time is up."

Najarra Townsend (Contracted) and Shane Graham (Boyhood) are currently attached to the film in main supporting roles.

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