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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Fifty Shades Of Grey - we love it because it's romantic, exciting and - yes, you gotta admit - completely, unashamedly FILTHY.

The trailer for the movie shows that Fifty Shades of Grey is going to be as deliciously sexy as the book - YES! YES! YES!

But as a lover of all things erotic, you're probably hungry for more... Check out 5 other books that would make outrageously sexy movies...

Bared To You

Author: Sylvia Day

Who Are Our Christian and Anastasia? Billionaire Gideon Cross and child abuse survivor Eva Tramell

Choice Quote: 'Romance isn't in my repertoire, Eva. But a thousand ways to make you come are. Let me show you'.


Wild Card

Author: Lora Leigh

Who's Our Christian and Anastasia? Navy SEAL Nathan Malone and his wife, Bella

Choice Quote: 'Oh yeah. Baby, so good...So damned tight. Sweet. Ride me, sweetheart. Ride me out of hell.'


Claim Me

Author: J. Kenner

Who's Our Christian and Anastasia? Millionaire Damien Stark and Southern Belle Nikki Fairchild

Choice Quote: 'Your breasts. Your nipples. The insides of your thighs. I want you wet for me, baby. A little drunk and a whole lot wet.'



Author: Leah Brooke

Who's Our Christian and Anastasia? Interior designer Julianna Lovette has TWO dominant Grey-figures: Nick Morietti and Steve Vanguard.

Choice Quote: 'Dominate and strong, they take her in ways she’d never imagined and earn a submission from her she never thought she’d give.'


Sweet Addiction

Author: Maya Banks

Who's Our Christian and Anastasia? Cole and his childhood sweetheart/sub, Ren

Choice Quote: 'It's his sworn duty to protect, honor and cherish his submissive...Someone who would put his own needs above his woman's is no man.'



Do you think the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie will be as sexy as the book?


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