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  • NO biased votes. (Example: If you're a fanboy of a certain company or character try your hardest NOT to vote for them for those specific reasons. Take your time and analyze the information I've provided to make your final decision... Who am I kidding? This rule will be broken by EVERYONE!)
  • NO multiverse versions of that character or ridiculous power boosts. (Example: An over-exaggerated version of Batman even though I love the character too)
  • Each fight will take place in a different setting (they can not escape or receive any outside help - As in people or animals).
  • There's no such thing as "morals" in these fights.
  • Fight to the death.
  • There will be 1 fight per an article (Because of all the information I leave for these character's it's best to have 1 fight at a time).
  • DON'T whine about an "unfair" match up or about your favorite character not winning. Nobody likes a crybaby!

Winner of Aquaman vs Namor Match Up:


Wayne Barlowe's - "Inferno"

Both heroes have committed terrible sins and have been sent to Hell to pay for them (so they think). In reality they're sent to Hell for the devil's entertainment and a spectacle for all of Hell to watch! They have been stripped of all of their powers (including Thor's hammer- Mjölnir) replacement they must wear the "Armor of Sorrow" (I just made this up on the spot).

  Artwork by Calvin Sketches
Artwork by Calvin Sketches

Once the user puts the armor on it creates a tragic event that never or did occur in the user's mind. This creates self-hated, psychological pain and agony for the user which drives them mad. Example: Once Superman has the armor on everything in his mind is erased besides one thing! The death of his planet playing over and over in his head. But, the armor plays tricks on his mind and makes him believe that he's the cause of it all. For Thor, there's a scene that keeps popping up in his mind where he walks into his father's chamber and murders him in a very brutal fashion.

Thor then kills every woman and child in Asgard, but he swears this never happened which causes him even greater pain.

Armor of Sorrow:

  • You can never take it off until there's a decided victor.
  • The armor will cause devastating psychological pain that will force the user to be stuck in a constant guilt trip and bloodlust rage.
  • Even though the armor erases the user's conscience it still keeps their skills (as in muscle memory to fight).


  • Two Handed Hell-Fire Sword
  • Armor of Sorrow - enhances the user's strength to lift 200 tons with ease, durability, reflexes and speed (the armor does have weak spots).


  • Both heroes are technically mortal men wearing a demonic suit of armor. All they can rely on are their fighting abilities.

Whoever the victor is they get to be sent back to Earth regaining all of their memories and powers. They won't remember their visit to Hell. The loser will be forever dammed in the Inferno and will become one of many souls that will be tortured test subjects.

  The Examination from Barlowe's Inferno
The Examination from Barlowe's Inferno

Second Match:

Thor's Skills (Marvel)-

  • Master Combatant: Highly trained warrior within Asgard, mastered some of Earth's fighting forms, but he tends to brawls when fighting character's like The Hulk, Juggernaut, Abomination and Gladiator.
  • Greatest Weapons Expert in Marvel.
  • Master Tactician and Strong Leader: He has great knowledge and experience of war.

Height & Weight-

Thor stands 6ft6 (198cm) and weighing 640 lbs (290kg).

Superman's Skills (DC)-

  • Master of Kryptonian martial arts, boxing and wrestling.
  • Captain Comet has stated that Superman's brawling is formidable.
  • Knowledge of pressure points.
  • Strong leader and very intelligent

Height & Weight-

Superman stands 6ft3 (190.5cm) and weighing 235 lbs (106.594kg)


FIGHT! (The fight would last 2 hours)

Superman artwork posted by Comic Vine.


  artwork by marco d'alfonso
artwork by marco d'alfonso

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