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By now, many of you will be aware of OVAM's (the producer run Facebook page for the movie adaptation of 'Vampire Academy') latest news about a sequel to the box office failure that was, 'Vampire Academy'. (*sight* so much potential)

In short: there's a definite chance that a Frostbite movie will be made. On Wednesday 6th August 2014, the producers of 'Vampire Academy' (namely Preger Entertainment) will launch a Crowd-funding Campaign via IndieGoGo. Their target is to raise $1.5 million in a month to show fan, and public interest, and according to the producers they will have the rest of the budget they need providing that they raise this amount.

Now, understandably a LOT of fans are skeptical about this. There are thousands of questions floating around in the air, some which can be answered, some which can not. I like to think I know a lot about VA (been a fan for 7 years since the book's release), and as a Film Student and over obsessed film fanatic, I shall try to answer some of the popular questions that I've seen come up on Twitter, Facebook and various other places.

Note: I am not in any way affiliated with the movie or producers, I'm just a fan with way too much time on her hands, and a brain full of movie info. (like that's a bad thing)

1. Why are they making a sequel?

Because despite the lack-lustre appeal to wider audiences of the first movie, the Vampire Academy fans (myself included) are a loyal bunch, with our one wish being that we get a beautiful, successful, and faithful adaptation of our beloved book series.

2. When will the sequel be released?

The estimated release date, providing the Crowd-funding Campaign goes well, the cast all sign on for a second film, they have a completed script, have hired a director etc, is late 2015. But keep in mind that's an ESTIMATED date, and subject to change if they encounter any Strigoi (see what i did there?) along the way to success.

3. Will the original cast be reprising their roles? Or will the movie be recast?

This is probably not something that can be answered in full at this time. Of course for continuity, it'd be lovely for ALL the cast to return, but as we don't know what they signed on for contract wise, or their availability, we can't possibly hope to know this yet.

4. Will international fans be able to contribute to the Crowd-funding Campaign?

According to OVAM, yes. Yes you will. That's why they picked IndieGoGo.

5. What happens if we don't make 1.5 million in a month and the movie doesn't get made? What happens to the money we donated?

(answer comes direct from OVAM)

"You PLEDGE the money at first. You don't actually get charged until after we meet our goal. It's an all or nothing deal. We either make the 1.5 and make the movie....or nada. The power is in the hands."

6. Will TWC (The Weinstein Company) be involved?

I'm guessing probably, definitely not.
Thank god.

7. Are the same director & writer involved?

According to MTV & OVAM, they have a new writer in the form of Piers Ashworth, (screenwriter for "St Trinians"). No word yet has been said on whether Mark Waters is returning to direct, but it seems highly unlikely.

8. Will the movie be released Worldwide/Internationally? And will it be released on the same day?

It's waaaay to early to even begin thinking of when and where it will be released. We don't even know for sure if the movie's happening, and as before that's down to individual distributors for each country, unless you get a big enough distributor that can single handedly distribute internationally. But again, it's way to early to even know or speculate.

9. Are there "prizes/incentives" for contributing money via IndieGoGo?

Probably, yes. These things usually have incentives the more you donate. Like merhchandise, walk-on roles, and if you donate a BAJILLION probably a producer's credit. (YES. I WANT.) But that'll ALL be in the FAQ's part of their IndieGoGo page.

UPDATE: Don't freak out (totally freak out, I am), but have just revealed some of the 'incentives' i previously mentioned! Check them out here!

10. What if I can't give a lot of money?

Every little helps. Your $1 could be the dollar they need to get to $1.5 million. Donate what you can, not what you can't.

11. What if after I donate my money, they make the movie and it's sh*t?

Well then, you can join me in a quest to the producers lair, armed with charmed silver stakes, and element-wielding Moroi.

That's about everything so far, if you want to read the MTV Article i mentioned, you can read that here, and make sure you "like" OVAM on Facebook to keep up to date!


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