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Noel Clarke is known to many people as an actor, director, writer, and to us in the Whovian-sphere, Mickey Smith. Now he is embarking on a new journey as a comic book writer! It was revealed at the beloved and renowned event known as San Diego Comic-Con, that with the artist Joshua Cassara, Noel Clarke would be bringing a new universe to life with his writings for Titan Comics.

In a video released on YouTube last week it has been described in the description by Titan Comics as "An edgy soap-opera of violence and super-powers." Noel Clarke gives us the announcement himself in the video, describing what lead him to write this style of comic.

Over his working years Clarke has done many projects, including Kidulthood along with its sequel, Adulthood, - In both Clarke wrote, directed and acted in the films about a group of teenagers from London who act in a lawless fashion. As well as working for BBC Doctor Who, Noel Clarke worked with BBC's Blast, a project that focused on teenagers and aimed to inspire them and ignite a spark of creativity inside of them. Noel has received many awards for his work too, and when receiving the 'Rising Star' BAFTA award in 2009 he encouraged his young fans to follow their dreams with hard work and by believing in themselves.

Knowing all of this is it surprising that Noel Clarke's new comic is based on a group of teenagers with super-powers battling todays society?

  Some of the artwork from The Troop by J. Cassara
Some of the artwork from The Troop by J. Cassara
“I’m not pulling any punches, I’m not skirting around issues — we’re really going to tackle things head on, and bring you a new, exciting fresh book,”

Clarke seems to be really excited to get his new work out there (who wouldn't be?) and is really quite proud of his new book, telling us all to be prepared for what's coming even though he doubts that we will be able to do so.

I think it is all quite inspiring. I am not one who would endorse violence, but I would encourage teenagers to speak up and let their voices be heard. Sometimes I feel we are not listened to enough, and when we are, we are not taken seriously. It is true also that I am not one for reading comics, but maybe this will change in the near future! Titan comics have been very supportive of Noel Clarke and I would like to show the same support by buying the comic once it is released, (which we have been told will be soon!) and with a line of Doctor Who comics also in print, I have a feeling my collection will start to grow from there.

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