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Shari Malin

According to Variety, MTV has chosen Jamie Travis to direct the pilot for a series based on Wes Craven's Scream franchise. The cast of the pilot will consist of relative newcomers including Willa Fitzgerald, Amy Forsyth, and John Karna.

As a fan of the Wes Craven franchise of films, I have to wonder how a series can possibly be successful. Part of the draw of the films was the gore and violence inherent in the genre. MTV isn't network, but the restrictions on subject matter and language will be far more strict than those the films had to work with.

Additionally, how can you draw out the suspense of the story lines throughout a series? How many times can there be a masked killer, many senseless deaths, and a reveal before audiences become bored with it? It took two and a half films for most audiences to become tired of the tale on the big screen. On the small screen, the wide variety of options will leave even less room for repetition and a higher likelihood of audience defection the moment the story becomes too repetitive.

The series saving grace might be Craven's involvement. Known for his thrill-inducing stories and attention to detail, Craven should keep audiences from being too badly disappointed by any limitations the format and network place on the series.


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