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Once again, the fleeting splendor of San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, leaving in its wake a mass of new movie and television information to sort through and process. While attendees normally don’t mind sitting in line for hours to catch a panel at the legendary Hall H, Legendary Pictures surprised some fans by not talking more about the upcoming Godzilla 2 film.

Don’t get us wrong! Legendary did confirm that there will be a sequel and that Gareth Edwards will return to direct it. They also tweeted that Godzilla will be appearing alongside some familiar faces:

The [Godzilla](movie:45291) reboot, released in May of this year, was largely a financial and critical success, earning over $500 million worldwide. Although they gave fans plenty to look forward to, some people were disappointed at the lack of tangible goods regarding [Godzilla 2](movie:1433439) (no trailer, casting confirmation, or logo. We are so hard to please!). However, we were treated to a look at [Skull Island](movie:1139115) with the announcement of a new King Kong reboot! Do we sense a potential crossover? Does this suggest the possibilities of a cinematic monster universe? Can't say for sure, but we hope so!

In case you missed SDCC 2014 and want to partake in some of the Godzilla excitement, Warner Bros. was kind enough to pull together a recap video of fans talking about the new film, their favorite parts, and, of course, quick shots of their best Godzilla roars! Check out the video below!


Which two movie juggernauts would you like to see duke it out in a cage match?


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