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Scar-Jo has had her better performances throughout her career. You might as well chalk this up as a waist of time. So with that being said, these are the things you should and should not expect when going into this film. **Caution** This will spoil the movie for you. Tread lightly.

1. Do not expect to see Black Widow

If you're like me and any of the trailers made you think that she was going to be doing some serious butt kicking like in Iron Man 2 then you have the absolute wrong idea. Yeah, it was the same actress holding a gun threatening to kill a taxi driver but as far as her using the training she learned as an agent of SHIELD, it was absent and would have been much more fun to see.

2. Do not think this is an action movie

This movie let on that this was going to be about someone who could take down a government single handed. Nope.. As cool as every trailer seemed (don't believe advertising, EVER!), it just didn't live up to the hype that I created within myself. Yeah she had some weird mind control powers but it wasn't fun.

3. Expect weird science stuff

Really, the title says it all. The entire movie is surrounded by a drug that makes Lucy turn into a computer. If you haven't seen it that's what the entire movie leads up to. Evolution, evolution, evolution. I don't personally believe in evolution. It doesn't make sense to me and I find it a tad ridiculous in all cases. The entire time I was watching I couldn't get that out of my mind. By the time I had already figured that out, it was too far into the movie to go and ask for my money back. Oh, and at one point you get to see a wildebeest give birth so in case you missed that in your seventh grade science class you can check that out (it's not worth it).

Really the coolest thing about the science stuff was getting to hear Morgan Freeman's character lecture about how the human brain works. Even at that point I was so bored that all I could do was focus on how cool of a voice the man has. So if you want to pay anywhere between $5-$20 to listen to him talk I would suggest checking out his show on the Science Channel before buying $100 worth of snacks at the concession stand.

4. Expect to be disappointed

Yup. Probably just as big of a disappointment as John Carter was.

  Yeah, that John Carter.
Yeah, that John Carter.

Just as large of a disappointment you can ask for.


So what do you guys think about Lucy?


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