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This first trailer for Mike Tyson's Mysteries cartoon makes me feel so many things. To be more specific, this video makes me feel so conflicted in an incredibly beautiful way. On one hand, I am slightly wary of this kind of jokey, retro, adult cartoon. Shows like this make me contemplate doing something more intellectually stimulating with my time, like reading Joyce or Chekhov. On the other hand, I tell the first hand to shut the hell up because this is already so bizarre that it can’t go wrong. Whoever greenlit this show is a freakin’ visionary, and we should all send the Warner Bros. animation team a mini-muffin basket or something for their efforts. They actually made a Mike Tyson cartoon! And it is a thing because why not?

Check out the SDCC 2014 released sneak peak below:

If for whatever reason you're unable to watch the video, here's the rundown:

Mike Tyson Mysteries has Mike Tyson voicing a cartoon crime-fighting version of himself and his team of misfit companions. This oddball group is comprised of the following: a marquis ghost (Jim Rash), Tyson’s adopted Korean daughter (Rachel Ramras), and a blunt, philandering, talking pigeon (Norm MacDonald! Yes!). Seriously. The voiceover work alone should make everyone give this show a chance!

They’re shown riding dragons, fighting aliens, discussing college, and singing in a Mystery Machine-esque van. I can only assume that they solve mysteries, as it is strongly implied in the name, but this clip gives little indication of that. The ambiguity regarding the kinds of mysteries they’re solving concerns me very little. I’m in it for the long haul, regardless.

Stylistically, the show looks incredible. The Scooby-Doo aesthetic is an awesome throwback to the childhood you still wish you had. It reminds me of being a happy-go-lucky kiddo, eating a bowl of cereal on the couch, wearing pajamas, watching Saturday morning cartoons. Except this time around I’ll be an adult, eating a bowl of cereal on the couch, wearing pajamas, watching cartoons sometime after 8 p.m. on Adult Swim. Now that's what I classify as living the dream, folks!

In an extremely well-worded review of the sneak peak, YouTube user Rich S. commented on the video:

“This is relevant to my interests”

Ours too, Rich, ours too.


So what do you guys think of Mike Tyson Mysteries so far?


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