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Josh Montgomery

So this past year we have been getting some exciting Star Wars news with the new cast coming out, some exciting set videos and future directors that could create a film in a galaxy far far away. It's a nerds dream and I myself could not be any happier with the choices that Disney has been making with this franchise. It seems like they are taking it seriously and not only want to make money but really want to make the fans happy. And with their director choices it is becoming my own personal heaven. We have Garreth Edwards(Godzilla, Monsters), Josh Trank(Chronicle, Fantastic Four) directing possible spinoffs and the the very famous Rian Johnson for the Star Wars sequels. However what about the third Spinoff film? It hasn't been confirmed yet but there was talks of three Spinoff films. A Han Solo film, Bobba Fett, and Red 5 which 2 already have directors but the public has not been told of who will direct who. But so far we have Trank and Edwards but one more is needed to finish it off. And for me who wouldn't be more perfect than the director of Guardians of the Galaxy himself, James Gunn?

I mean personally I can bet a million bucks that this guy is on their radar and I'll tell you why it's very possible this man could be in talks for a film in the next couple months.

Why it could- First off, one of the many compliments that this film was given was that it felt like a classic Star Wars film which hasen't been done in a while. Not even the creator himself could do that(now that is sad)! Star Wars is such a precious item to some people and when those prequels came out it killed their dreams of a great future film for the saga. And so when someone can randomly replicate that and put their own style to it you know the fans will go crazy. And what James Gunn did here was exactly that. It was obviously not Star Wars but it fit into the universe perfectly. And plus even if Gunn is not a fan of the series he can still do fantastic job as he knows this type of environment so well. Hell even Abrams did that with Star Trek as he was not a fan of the series yet he reinvented it as some people would say. One other reason is that Disney owns Lucas Film and Marvel which just adds to the fact that he is on the producers radar for this type of film. I mean they work for the same company for crying out loud, it just screams the potential!! And so my last reason is just plan and simple, I want him to! I personally think that Gunn would be perfect for directing a Han Solo film just because of the relationship between Rocket and Groot. It reminded me so much of Solo and chewy with their back and forth, amazing chemistry between one another and Rockets sarcasm! It just has to happen for me and the fact that nobody is recognizing this is beyond crazy to me. But I digress and now I leave to you people. What do you think? Do you think I am crazy or did you realise just how I did? Please comment below and tell me what you think!


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