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Because one series of films based on the rapture-themed Christian novels Left Behind just wasn't enough! Starting in 2000, probably as some sort of attempt to capitalize on new millennium paranoia, everyone's favorite former child star and current raging homophobe, Kirk Cameron, made his own film versions of all three Left Behind books. And because nothing can be left alone, even terrible things, director Vic Armstrong is now bringing us a reboot of the film series, starring Nicholas Cage (PLEASE SAY NO TO SOMETHING!), Chad Michael Murray, Cassi Thomson, Lea Thompson, and Jordin Sparks (why?).

  Obligatory lonely bridge walk shot.
Obligatory lonely bridge walk shot.

If you were curious what this new version of Left Behind might look like, and let's be honest, who wasn't just a little bit curious, we now have a new trailer with glimpses at a world post rapture in a brand new trailer! And as expected, there is no shortage of crashing cars, missing babies, really sad moms, know-it-all cardboard-sign-prophets, and people screaming about their version of god. So basically, it's the Mike Seaver movie, but with more panicked Nic Cage.

  D'oh! Damn that rapture!
D'oh! Damn that rapture!

Enjoy the particularly crass shot of a short bus crashing over the side of a cliff. Seriously. Subtle guys.

The reboot of Left Behind will be released in theaters on October 3.

Will you be seeing the reboot of Left Behind? Did you see any of the previous films? Let me know in the comments!


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