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Lionsgate has released that the next installment of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise might focus on Leatherface's teenage years. This would be a sequel to the original film. The TCM franchise should not be moving backwards, but forwards. I don't think anyone is too interested in young Leatherface, or how he got to be the monster he is today. People of the horror community honestly just want to see their loved horror icon star kill victims in traditional, yet still very creative ways.

When we begin to humanize our horror monsters, we lose their beastliness and terror. When we begin to try to understand, and maybe even sympathize with our monsters we lose horror's initial effect. It's known that it is way more terrifying, disturbing even when there's no motive, or explanation. I'm not saying I was the biggest fan of Texas Chainsaw 3D. However I see the franchise progressing forward, instead of to the past.

This type of flashback concept pertaining to Krueger in the 2010 Nightmare On Elm Street remake was similar. I disagreed with it to a certain point. Krueger is a creep, he's a bad guy. That's what makes him Freddy Krueger. Trying to make him seem innocent, emotional, and empathetic was totally left field in comparison to the entire franchise. And I just can't help but feel the same scenario approaching with the next Texas Chainsaw Massacre installment. Especially if it is set in Leatherface's pubescent years. I wish for nothing but the scariest. Let's see what they do next for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise.


Want to see Leatherface as a teen?


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