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October 2014 is shaping up to be an interesting Horror Movie month. Especially without a new 'Paranormal Activity' movie to dominate the landscape. But that doesn't mean moviegoers will be without 'Heebie-Jeebie's' and 'spooky shivers, chills, and thrills'! An old classic is coming to cinemas this October. The ever-so-mysterious Ouija board, will star in its own movie! Yep, that mysterious board that has become a pop-culture staple. It first appeared in the cult-horror classic 'The Exorcist'. Then went on to star in such films as 'Witchboard'. It's even made some reality TV cameos as well.

Who hasn't seen an episode of 'Ghost Adventures', 'Ghost Hunters', 'Paranormal Witness', or the thousands of other Paranormal-themed reality series where some horrific evil is unleashed via the Ouija board... and goes on to terrify the dolts who summoned it. In Stiles White's 'Ouija', for Olivia Cooke and her friends... it's no different. Her character Elaine Morris and some friends decide to mess with the forbidden object after another girl who used it mysteriously dies. Surely, her death would act as a warning to 'most people' but NONSENSE, this is a Horror Movie... with teenagers! For those keeping score at home, Stiles and his writing partner Juliet Snowden penned a script for 'The Birds' Remake a long time ago. Film never happened so obviously, they've moved on. Do you fear the board? Watch the 'Ouija' trailer below!



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