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This week, Megan Fox has been all over the internet, and generally being flamed for her comments about fans who may not like TMNT, and which superhero she would like to play, given the chance.

For those of you who may not have read her comments, here's a re-cap.

Let me tell you something about those people. How much money did Transformers 4 make? Exactly. Those people can complain – they all go to the theater. They're gonna love it – and if they don't love it, they can f**k off, and that's the end of that.

After that particularly foul-mouthed reaction to the idea that TMNT is already being criticized ahead of its release, she did talk to FOX 411 about wanting to stay within the superhero genre (fan-hate aside, apparently).

I don't have one specifically in mind, but there's a comic book called Gen 13 that they need to make into a movie...three female ass-kicking superheroes. That's an opportunity to put three super-hot, awesome badass girls in a movie, and I imagine it would be so lucrative.

I can understand the reaction to the first comments on [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles](movie:323027), after all, no fan likes to be sworn at for daring to have an opinion. Her lack of gratitude for the fans also comes at a moment in time where the stars of the other big comic-book adaptations are falling over themselves to be just the nicest human beings on the planet, and that makes her look all the worse. (Check out Chris Pratt and his theft from the set to make kids happy, or these thank-you letters from stars and directors.)

Look how fabulous we are, Megan. LOOK!
Look how fabulous we are, Megan. LOOK!

But what surprised me was the similarly rage-filled reaction to her second set of comments, which seemed a little...spiteful.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of Megan Fox. I think that she is a pretty girl who is good at playing a pretty girl. I think that she is great eye-candy, but terrible at picking scripts (and needs to stop working with Micheal Bay. As does everyone else). Her attitude to fans is appalling, and she sealed the dislike-deal for me with the removal of her Marylin Monroe tattoo. In one fell swoop, she managed to disrespect the incredible artist who spent hours on the piece (simply because she didn't do her research), set a bad example to young fans who already think that it is simple and easy to remove a tattoo, and set back the mental health rights advocacy with her disgusting ignorance and public statements about bi-polar people.

That said, when reading the overwhelmingly negative comments to her mention of Gen 13, I couldn't shake the feeling that people were simply reacting that way because they didn't like her.

There were a lot of commenters whose language makes her TMNT speech look like a nursery rhyme, and even more who proceeded to list every movie she has been in, and how terrible she is as an actress, and indeed a human being. A surprising number of people picked up on the use of the word "lucrative", accusing her of being all about the money, not caring about the quality as long as she gets rich, not having integrity, etc etc.

Can we take a second please to note that Megan Fox actually knew a comic book character that she would like to play? Not even a mainstream series, either. As far as I am aware, there are no TV shows, no action figures, no real pop-culture presence for these characters at all, suggesting that she may actually read the books.

Now let's compare that to when Karen Gillan, who plays Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy, when she was asked by SFX which superhero she would like to play.

- Yeah, who is there…? I want to play a version of Spider-Man that’s a lady.
- Spider-Woman?
- Spider-Woman – does she exist?
- There’s a Spider-Woman and a Spider-Girl.
- I want to play Spider-Girl!

This is someone who blatantly knows nothing about comic books, because she didn't even know that there was a female Spider-man. Yet, she is a nerd-girl icon (especially for her role as Amy Pond in Dr Who) and generally seen as a lovely person, so the debate that followed was mostly about whether or not the role would suit her.

Not that I want to see Karen Gillan torn to pieces by the fans, but something doesn't add up here.

What I actually think is going on is a good solid case of cracker-eating-b**ch-syndrome. Y'know, where you violently loathe someone to the point that absolutely everything they do becomes offensive? "Look at that b**ch over there, eating those crackers like she owns the place! Who does she think she is?!"

Well ladies and gents, if any other comic book actor so much as mentions that they are a fan of the books, the nerd-verse erupts in joy, and I have heard many an actor described as "perfect" for a role because they know and love the character. (*cough Ryan Reynolds) Clearly this doesn't transfer to Ms Fox.

Comic book movies are incredibly lucrative right now, and no-one wants to make a movie that is an absolute flop. I think that is a pretty broad statement of fact, really. Why is it that Megan Fox is being so thoroughly lambasted for stating it?

So please, next time Megan Fox says something, before you get offended, take a deep breath. Consider how you might feel if it was another actress saying the same thing (preferably an actress that you like).

Then ask yourself very carefully: Was this actually an appalling thing to say, or is Megan Fox just enjoying herself a box of crackers?


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