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So, with 23rd of August just around the corner I'm pretty sure all of the Whovians out there are really anxious and curious and probably have bitten off all of their nails by now in sheer excitement to see just how does the new Doctor (Peter Capaldi) fare off.

Now I have come across many arguments with fellow Whovians about how "The Time of the Doctor" fared for them and I have received mixed reviews. Some people said they plain loved it, yet there were people contradicting that saying it was a bit too hushed and rushed and did not turn out to be the right kind of send off for our beloved 11th Doctor (Matt Smith).

This was indeed something that came to my mind as well that after an amazing 50th Anniversary "The Day of the Doctor" and an even more amazing trilogy that were "The Name of the Doctor", "The Night of the Doctor" and "The Day of the Doctor" respectively, why would Steven Moffat rush things and end 3 years worth of story arcs in just one Christmas special?

Another thing that came to my mind; which was really bothering me, was the fact that there was no continuity between "The Name of the Doctor" and "The Day of the Doctor", because we last left Clara and the Doctor in the Doctor's timeline, stuck there. How did they get out? What happened next? Are the questions I believe are unanswered.

One question which was bugging me has been answered and has raised even more questions than answers however is: how old is the Doctor?

Spoilers, would be the right statement here because he probably doesn't know his own age because of all the traveling, as Moffat rightly said:

The thing I keep banging on about is that he doesn't know what age he is. He's lying. How could he know, unless he's marking it on a wall? He could be 8,000 years old, he could be a million. He has no clue. The calendar will give him no clues.

- Steven Moffat, SFX, May 2010

So getting back to the Christmas special; he spent centuries to save Trenzelore, where the secrets of the infamous "Crack in the Wall" and his regeneration cycle, amongst others, were revealed giving us great news that there shall be 12 more doctors to come and also revealing a glimpse of our new Doctor (Peter Capaldi) saying...

Kidneys…I’ve got new kidneys, I don’t like the colour!

...with the most recent trailer in which he says:

I'm the Doctor. I've lived for over 2,000 years. I've made many mistakes, and it's about time I did something about that.

This has left me very excited and anxious with a craving for the darker 12th Doctor.

What do you guys think are you anxious and desperately waiting for the new Doctor and how did "The Time of the Doctor" go over according to you?

Comment below and fill up the poll!

(P.S. Hope any mistakes would be forgotten as this is my first attempt at writing a blog.)


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