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Justin Driver

Here is Part 2 of My Favorite Bootleg Action Figures I can find!

1. Super Heroes!

You’re supposed to collect them all, but they all look the same… And its Spider-man! (So Enthusiastic..)

2. Titanic-Bot Transformable!

For some reason, I think the popularity of this toy sunk like the.... well Titanic, I guess. (OOOOOH a good pun, huh)

3. Superman Fly Em High!

Superman should be able to fly on his own. NOT with a parachute. SMH.

4. Justice Heroes

Who is the only one to lead The Hulk, Batman, and a metal Spider-man? Superman on a dinosaur.

5. “Sense of Right Alliance”

Folks, meet the “Sense of Right Alliance” Here you have some sort of silver Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, The Thing and (redheaded) Reed Richards from The Fantastic Four, and (of course) the Yellow Power Ranger.

6. Sense of Right Alliance

Our 2nd Sense of Right Alliance... A. CAR , the Blue Power Ranger, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and… well, how about Shrek?

7. Sense of Right Alliance (again)

Wait...... KING KONG!?

8. Super Hero Avengers New Arrival

................... No. Just no


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