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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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Don't get me wrong there have been some really awesome Biopics. But judging from research done on the making and preparation for this movie, I think it MAY end up being one of the best biopics we've seen so far.

I mean would they have a choice really? To mess up or misinterpret anything from this man's life would mean World War 3 to some people.

But I am confident it will be what everyone's asking for when it does get released next year.

My main reason is because of the people working on the film already. The director (John Singleton) is one of the many people working on the movie that knew Tupac personally. He even directed a movie with him and Janet Jackson in it back in 1993, Poetic Justice! And to further prove the relationship he had with Tupac, here is a video showing the now Director of the movie John Singleton and Tupac interacting with each other.

As you can see, he and Tupac had close relationship despite the amount of friends managed to have when he was alive. So I don't think he would make a movie with anything that isn't true or accurate about his life.

Another person who knew Tupac on a personal level was the producer of the film, L.T Hutton. Someone who knew Tupac during the final years of his life. And was right there to witness the iconic Biggie and Tupac feud. So you can count on seeing a realistic depiction of what happened with that as well. Here is what he had to say on that situation

''People know bits and pieces. I was fortunate enough to be right in the middle of all of it, so I know exactly what happened. It's going to be covered like you haven't seen it before. We're going to dispel some of the myths about it. I don't want to give it away, but it's more realistic than Notorious(movie). It's not a diss. It's just the truth.
"We play it exactly how it happened which both of them deserve. It was a little bit different than how they portrayed it in that film. This one is going to be organic to show that these two young black men were truly friends before the nonsense."

And the last person I know to be playing a major role on what goes on with the movie is none other than the mother of Tupac himself, Ms. Afeni Shakur!. She's has been working hard to make sure that Tupac gets the right type of attention over the years. And I can imagine that being even harder when making a whole movie about your sons life.

That also leads me to say that with all of these people who knew Tupac personally, like how he was as a person would know when they've found the right person to play the role. This is definitely going to be a very hard one to play, because you not only have to be and do so many things, and act so many ways, but you also have to worry about all of these people and fans and celebrities that are going to be looking to you to make sure you act the role out as best as you can. I don't think that will be a major problem again though, because like I said before- all of these people who knew him are going to make sure that not only he but every other person involved gets the right type of portrayal.

And that's my main point. That because of all of these factors and people working on the movie, we will get a chance to see the most accurate portrayal of the very fast and complicated life of Tupac Shakur.


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