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Known for her work with movies such as Frozen and Wreck-It-Ralph, Jennifer Lee is set to adapt the children's beloved best seller from esteemed writer Madeline L’Engle's A Wrinkle in Time!

  Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee

In case you've never read the book, here is the easiest way to get you up to speed:

Everyone in town thinks Meg Murry is volatile and dull-witted, and that her younger brother, Charles Wallace, is dumb. People are also saying that their physicist father has run off and left their brilliant scientist mother. Spurred on by these rumors and an unearthly stranger, the tesseract-touting Mrs Whatsit, Meg and Charles Wallace and their new friend Calvin O'Keefe embark on a perilous quest through space to find their father. In doing so, they must travel behind the shadow of an evil power that is darkening the cosmos, one planet at a time. This is no superhero tale, nor is it science fiction, although it shares elements of both. The travelers must rely on their individual and collective strengths, delving deep within themselves to find answers.

Variety stated that, "Bridge to Terabithia writer Jeff Stockwell had previously been attached to the film in 2010. No director has yet been confirmed."

So currently it's up in the air as to whom will helm this film and bring it to life on the bring screen. However this film has already been adapted by Disney for a DCOM back in 2003, starring Katie Stuart (The 100, She's the Man), Gregory Smith (Rookie Blue, Everwood), and David Dorfman (The Ring, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake).

So hopefully this adaptation will be a LOT better than what Disney aired 11 years ago.

Anyway, from my point of view on all this: They NEED to give this script justice and get it right! I've read the book as a child, did a report on it, and loved it! Such a bizarre and entertaining world to visit for a book. It's sci-fi, but not at the same time. It's got that Kubrick style with Yellow Submarine from the Beatles. And yet it's a children's book. as you can tell, Disney didn't do such a good job by the way the trailer is above and trust me, I've watched the entire movie, it's campy.


Would you watch this adaption of 'A Wrinkle in Time'?


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