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Arnie might be pushing seventy, but that hasn't stopped him from reprising as role as the most bloodthirsty Cimmerian warrior in the brand new Legend of Conan.

Unfortunately for enthusiasts, and Schwarzenegger's rapidly ticking biological clock, filming is not set to begin until 2015 which means Conan will be a stately 68-years-old.

Clearly nailing moments of scripting genius as perfectly polished as those seen in the 1982 Conan the Barbarian (see video below) is a huge priority for producer Fredrik Malmberg.

The Swedish Cimmerian enthusiast who was also responsible for 2011's shockingly bad Conan explained;

We want to polish up the script, specifically about the characters but we don’t think it will take long. We’ll probably have this turned in around September after the holiday and then we’ll take it to the studio and if they’re happy, we can hopefully start in the Spring

Although Malmberg is optimistic about starting the cameras rolling in 2015, [The Legend of Conan](movie:705084) is yet to find a director. The producer explained to The Arnold Fans website that;

We haven’t been talking with directors yet. A lot of directors have come fourth and expressed interest and that they like Conan and want to be involved when we’re at that stage but the studio said they want the script to be ready before we officially approach the directors. But we have been in touch with old great names and new fresh faces. We’re excited about finding the right guy for that

If things go to plan, The Legend of Conan will be the next big blockbuster Schwarzenegger takes on after [Terminator: Genesis](movie:34872) . Malmberg explained that;

That’s the intention. Arnold wants that. I would like that and I know everyone from the studio side would like that but it’s all in the script. We need to get the script where it’s right and ready to go. In the movie world, nowadays, when a movie is a go movie, it happen very quickly. It’s up to Universal to set the date for it to be released but personally, I don’t think it has to be a summer movie. I think there’s plenty of examples of big event movies being released in the winter like the Matrix movies and The Lord of the Rings. I can see this being a winter movie as well as a summer movie. This iconic role of Arnold as Conan is so big that it can be year round

If they can recapture some of the kitschy wonder of the original 1983 Conan the Barbarian, this could be an absolute smash hit for Arnie. I just hope to God they don't shove the poor bloke in a loincloth... My retinas ache just thinking about it.


Are you gagging for more 'days of high adventure' in The Legend of Conan?

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