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Never has September 22nd seemed so far away.

That, after all, is when Fox's upcoming Batman-origin series Gotham is set to debut - and if the show keeps releasing TV Spots like this one, we're going to go as mad as a certain Clown Prince of Crime before we ever see the show on the screen.

I mean, one or two hints of the Joker is great - a gentle tease and all that - but this? This is just cruel. This is torture. far and away the coolest thing we've seen from the show yet:

See what I mean?

That's just rubbing salt in our wounds. Just look at it:


So. Much. Awesome.

Plus, using the two detective's as his eyes - hinting at a role for the duo in the Joker's origin? - while also referencing the iconic Heath ledger performance? That's a classy move.

It's also, though, an interesting one, since a very similar teaser was released just a few weeks ago - but with an entirely different reference to the Joker:

Now, it also has an awkward voiceover, and a lack of the mood the new TV Spot has in spades, but you've got to wonder - were test audiences not getting the reference?

If so, that actually makes the new trailer look even better.

Look at it this way - all of us fine comic-book-geeks reading this will, I'm sure, have been totally on board with the first hint of the Joker last month, with Jon Beavers playing a struggling stand up in the leaked Pilot:

The thing is, though, if we want to see Gotham stick around for long enough to actually put the Joker on screen, we need everyone else to watch the series too - and for some of the Joker references (that we've been promised will be in every episode) to be broad enough to keep any less comic-versed fans who switch on to the show watching.

And then the world needs to stop torturing us, and just make it September 22nd already...

[Gotham](series:1127075) is set for it's debut on...sob...September 22. Which is just too darn far away.


What do you guys think? Was the Joker reference obvious enough for you?

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