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Jess O'Kane

Take a look people. This picture illustrates how to execute the perfect wedding.

1) Have Jeff Goldblum there

2) Get him to partake in a picture where the entire wedding party is being chased by a T. Rex.

What could be easier?

Well, if you're a bride who happens to know a guy who knows Jeff Goldblum, it seems stranger things have happened.

Photographer Adam Biesenthal set up the shot last weekend when he realized Goldblum, whose fiancee is a friend of the happy couple, was attending the wedding.

He takes pride of place in a snappy silver number in the center of the photo. And since he's actually Dr. Ian Malcolm, he's predictably giving zero f**ks about there being a carnivorous dinosaur behind him.

I can only imagine that after the reception the good doctor hopped on a helicopter to save schoolchildren from being eaten by giant crocodiles in Nicaragua.

Like a boss.

(Source: Comic Book)


Which celeb would you have in your themed wedding photo?


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