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Now, it's pretty common knowledge that - when it comes down to it - most people prefer Batman to Superman. Even when it comes to Batman fighting Superman, there's a pretty consistent consensus going on (with a meme to go with it):

Batman always wins.

The thing is, that's just the way we all look at it. Who would have thought that Warner Brothers, the studio bringing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to the big screen, would see it in so similar a way?

  Other than Scrooge McDuck, and all accountants.
Other than Scrooge McDuck, and all accountants.

The latest rumors to come out of the film's set - as reported by - suggest that:

"There’s a very “anti-Superman” theme to the film which includes people marching in the streets in protest against him."

As well as that:

Those pics online of Ben Affleck (sporting very gray hair on his temples) as Bruce Wayne involve a scene in the film where he’s saving people after some sort of attack on Metropolis (he's was in a Wayne building when it went down it seems) which causes a lot of destruction.

  Presumably not 'Zod' level destruction...
Presumably not 'Zod' level destruction...

Which, firstly, suggests that Superman is being seen by the movie's public - in a way rarely shown in the comics or past adaptations - as a threat to humanity. Combine that with Bruce Wayne having to save a whole bunch of lives in Metropolis, and the shape of a plot seems to be emerging - and it might just be one where Superman plays the part of the bad guy, for the first half at least.

After all - if Batman's being put up against Superman, and most of the audience already love Batman more:

  Sad but true.
Sad but true.

The filmmakers are almost certainly going to want to go along with that sentiment, rather than send everyone into the lobby after the movie shouting about 'that scene where Superman crushed Batman's skull with a single flick of his index finger'.

  Not a great ending for the first act.
Not a great ending for the first act.

If the rumors are true, then, it sounds as though we're likely to see Batman hunt down Superman - with the backing of the general populace - for the first part of the movie. What comes next, though, remains somewhat more mysterious.

Unless, of course, Lex Luthor is partly behind the Superman hatred - as you'd have to imagine he will be. In which case, the second half of the movie is likely to go a little something like the comic arc (and DC animated movie) Batman/Superman: Public Enemies.

  There's a lot of glaring involved...
There's a lot of glaring involved...

In which Luthor frames Superman for something vague and asteroid-related, and Supes and Bats have to team up to take him down.

Take out the asteroid business, add in 'kind of directly leading to the destruction of Metropolis, even though you eventually saved the world', and leave in this sort of speech...

... and you've got a (Batman v Superman-flavored) stew going...

The same report also confirmed that Aquaman will appear in the movie - but only in a very small role.

Which, at this point, is less news, and more 'a thing we all know, but that Jason Momoa just will not straight out tell us'.

[Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) is set for release May 6, 2016. With or without Superman being chased by Batman while crowds cheer.


What do you guys think? Will we see Superman playing the (sort-of) bad guy?


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