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Visionary director, Darren Aronofsky recently appeared alongside psychologist and neuroscientist Jeffrey M. Zacks at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences event "Movies in Your Brain: The Science of Cinematic Perception."

The panel was interested in the biological, as well cultural and anthropological, basis of storytelling and narrative. As part of a broader discussion concerning how movies affect our brains, Aronofsky went into detail about the 'pan-cultural' connection between myth and storytelling as well as the value of tragedy, which he feels has been ignored in modern Hollywood. Check it out below:

I have to say, I do agree with Aronofsky in regards to the attitude towards tragic endings in modern cinema. I can understand some mainstream family blockbusters need happy endings, but I never quite understood the concept that tragic endings turn off audiences. But perhaps that's just me?

If cinema wants to be an art-form that reflects the modern world we live in, surely we should see more tragedy in mainstream film?


Do you think Hollywood has too many happy endings?

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