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Delena shippers cover your ears now because The Vampire Diaries executive producer has refused to put rumors of a Bamon romance to bed!

Things are going to get mighty lonely wherever Bonnie and Damon are trapped now, and fan theories have been bubbling that maybe the pair will get intimate with each other for comfort.

Some of us Vampire Diaries fans are totally into the idea of this love hate relationship blossoming into something more, whereas others are worried about how it would affect Elena, but are the rumors true?

Julie Plec has refused to confirm or deny whether this unusual hook up will happen, but she did tease that Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder's close off-screen relationship could translate to sizzling TV chemistry...

Plec went on to explain that she was eager to play homage to the as yet unexplored relationship between Damon and Bonnie that we see in the books. She told fans that;

You never know, but what we did want to do is we wanted to service the Bamon relationship from the books and at least give those two characters an opportunity-that we never thought we'd have frankly cause they never liked each other, and for good reason-to bond and get close and to be comrades. So it will start there, and it may never go any further-that's not the plan, but you never know

So, the possibility of a Bamon hook up might not be the most likely event of season 6, but there is certainly some sneaky teasing going on here...

It's impossible to know which direction things are heading in [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) at the best of times, but season 6 is proving sneakier than ever!


Do you guys think a Bamon romance will actually happen?

(Source: Examiner)


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