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Despite having years of practice trying to shade his marvellous mug from camera flashes, R-Patz still totally blows at disguise!

The 28-year-old actor recently landed in LAX airport (cue KStew rumors...) and a helpful British Airways assistant tried to keep him incognito with a little help from a strategically placed ipad. Needless to say, it wasn't the best camouflage for one of the most lusted after faces in Hollywood.

See what I mean in the pictures below;

  Who could THAT be?
Who could THAT be?

  R-Patz?! I would never have guessed...
R-Patz?! I would never have guessed...

The disguise might be bad, but the distinct lack of beaming grin on the assistant is even more damning. Who the hell gets so close to Rob and doesn't even break a smile? Do you have no soul, woman?!


Suggest a more effective disguise for Rob!

(Source: The Daily Mail)

(Image: Hill's Entertainment)


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