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WARNING: Lots of Dexter spoilers ahead!

A lot of people were upset about the Dexter ending, with Dexter becoming a lumberjack? People pointed at the people over at Showtime, and blamed them for not allowing the Dexter writers to kill him off, well, that story is a myth!

Almost a month ago, the Showtime President David Nevins was asked about their biggest success other than Homeland, Dexter. He revealed that he was never told about the idea of Dexter dying in the finale. Michael C Hall and the writers thought that isn't the ending Dexter deserved.

They apparently had the ending in mind for years. And it has a secret meaning. The ending is supposed to show that when Debra is dying and all she wants is for Dexter to be happy, his dark passenger fades away, and he finally becomes human, so when he kills Saxon, it isn't for his dark passenger, it is purely for revenge for what he done to Debra. So the reason he fakes his death and moves away, is so that if his dark passenger comes back. He is away from Hannah and Harrison so that he doesn't get desperate and kill them. Then when he goes to the house at the end, and sits down at the table, he realises that his dark passenger is completely gone.

So can Dexter return in Argentina? What do you think?


Could Dexter Return?


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