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Julia Roberts might be a veteran at the fame game, but she admits that her younger self would have crumbled under the pressure of internet haters.

The star opened up about her youthful insecurities on the Today show and branded social media the ringleader in the "sport of ugliness". Roberts explained that;

I don’t think I’d survive. It’s just too nasty…it’s the sport of ugliness. I’d pull out of it. I wouldn’t have the stomach for it. I’m so happy that, for me, the timing of when I started off in the business and how it all worked out for me

I totally understand why Roberts would be ready to call her agent and yell "I QUIT!" in the face on the internet age.

Nobody really fancies the wildly circulating up-skirt shots and mean Tweets that come as a side order with fame, and the internet would certainly be a cruel mistress when it came to outfit choices like this;

I can see it trending on Twitter already... ?!

Thank God the 80s were a simpler time when you to wait at least a week for the gossip rags to annihilate you!


Do you think the internet makes life harder for celebrities?

(Source: Dlisted via Radar)


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