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With so many stories of selfish celebs it's always so great to hear about a star who gives back to their fans, which is exactly what Mark Ruffalo has done.

With threats to close the theater program at a high school in Ruffalo's home state of Wisconsin, students banded together to launch a campaign to keep the program. Luckily for the students, Mark Ruffalo heard their cry for help!

The star personally tweeted the campaign's twitter account to express his support:

Theater changes lives, so help save the program at @WestHighDrama1 by retweeting in support. Every high school needs a little drama ;)
Please, everyone, the show must go on, retweet so @WestHighDrama1's theater dept can continue to break a leg.

It's so thoughtful of Mark Ruffalo to take the time out of his day to remember where he came from and show his support for something which helped him make it to where he is today. I can't imagine many other celebrities doing the same.

After Mark's awesome effort a school district spokesperson has come out and said that due to the overwhelming support the school will keep the program AND add more theater classes!

An amazing result! I wish all movie stars had the same attitude as Mark!

(source: 27 MKOW, the cap times)


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