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The first trailer for the upcoming Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything was released today and let me tell you, it is an emotional roller-coaster. While everyone knows Hawking as the world’s leading theoretical physicist and cosmologist, his life outside of his academic accomplishments has always taken a backseat.

  Stephen Hawking and Jane on their wedding day 1965
Stephen Hawking and Jane on their wedding day 1965

The film is based on Jane Hawking’s book Traveling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen Hawking, which will likely give audiences more insight into Hawking’s overwhelming personal obstacles and triumphs. The screenplay was written by Anthony McCarten (Death of a Superhero) and directed by James Marsh. Marsh, who already has one Academy Award under his belt for the critically acclaimed 2008 documentary Man on Wire, has said that the film is not quite a biopic as we know them to be, but more of a love story in which the characters must find ways to overcome insurmountable challenges.

In an interview with Deadline Marsh said:

“That’s the heart of it for sure and that’s definitely the way I approached it as a filmmaker as well as with the two leads. That’s really the essence of the story, it’s a very unusual love story in a very strange environment, a very strange sort of landscape, and that is I think the abiding theme of the film. It is how these two characters, these two real people transcend all the complications and curveballs that life throws at them.”

Watch the trailer below:

The trailer (which I think is amazing) gives reason to believe that Eddie Redmayne will give a stellar performance that could catapult him into the critical and commercial success that he deserves, but hasn't yet achieved. He plays opposite other huge names, such as Felicity Jones (Hawking's wife, Jane Wilde) and David Thewlis as one of Hawking's Cambridge professors.

This movie is definite Oscar bait and speculations are already rolling in about the accolades it will accrue. We see Redmayne first portraying Hawking as an able-bodied young man and follow his agonizing progress as his body slowly deteriorates while his still mind thrives. Marsh said of Redmayne:

“He had to take on enormous amounts of difficult preparation as well as embracing the difficult physicality of the role. It’s not just doing a disability. It’s actually charting the course of an illness that erodes the body, and the mind has to project out from that erosion.”

  That is an impressive likeness.
That is an impressive likeness.

However Redmayne chooses to play the juxtaposition between body and mind will be both interesting and heartbreaking to watch. Redmayne was able to meet Hawking when he stopped by the set for a few days during filming, who was so supportive of the film and Redmayne's performance that he was kind enough to lend Marsh his real electronic voice!

[The Theory of Everything](movie:1000359) will make its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival next month and will be released in theaters on November 7th.


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