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Cedric Cannon

It just got real! DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers pictures have announced that "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" will release two months earlier than previously stated. Giving Marvel films "Captain America 3" sole possession of May 6, 2016. The highly anticipated "World's Finest" pairing (also to include cameos from Wonder Woman and Aquaman to be played by Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa respectively) will now open on March 25, 2016. That though is only the tip of the iceberg. WB also staked out release dates for untitled DC properties until 2020!

August 5, 2016, June 23, 2017, November 11, 2017, March 23, 2018, July 27, 2018, April 5, 2019 ,June 14, 2019,April 3, 2020 and June 19, 2020 in addition to 2 "event" film dates of November 16, 2016 and November 20, 2020.

With the previously unofficial announcements of films based on Wonder Woman, Shazam, Green Lantern and Flash plus knowledge that a Justice League film along with "Man of Steel 2" and a Batman solo outing are all in the mix. It seems we have entered an unprecedented time in the Superhero film genre.

When you add in Marvel's two film a year plans (except in 2018 with three!) and Fox and Sony dropping at least one a year from their X-Men, Fantastic Four and Spider-Man franchises we are looking at five to six superhero themed projects on the big screen a year. Not to mention the multiple television projects (CW,ABC,Fox and Netflix) and the steady stream of animated films.

We have waited quite a while to see DC/WB's master plan revealed. Many have criticized their pace and strategies. Their deliberate establishment of a separate TV and film universes along with the choice of introducing characters in a movie by movie style as opposed to introductory origin films (ala Marvel) has been a flashpoint of fan debate for over a year now. It seems like they waited to get some momentum and are now shifting gears! The speculation as to what will release on what dates is about to begin. One thing I do remember reading was that DC/WB would release a major film and a minor film each year but what counts as a minor has yet to be determined. Is Shazam a major or minor character? I guess that depends on where these films fit into the grand scheme of things. Also what are the "event" films? Are they along the lines of a "Crisis" type event? Lets talk about it.


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