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#10 SAW FRANCHISE (7 films)

Some would say that this should be higher, but I think it gets repetitive and simple themed. It's pretty gory and it WAS very original, until of course they made six more. Honestly I feel it was one of those movies that was great and should've been left alone. I still really enjoyed the reason Jigsaw killed. He did it to show people that they should appreciate life but since NOTHING changed in between each movie it makes the list but only #10.


This was also pretty original the fact that the killer was actually just 'death' was very interesting and obviously original. Just like Saw there was no iconic killer that people remember or victim for that matter such as Laurie Strode or Sidney Presscott. With this movie, even more than the saw franchise, I feel like I am watching the EXACT SAME MOVIE.

Somebody sees a group of people die in the future, they freak out, saving a few of them, than they get picked off one by one in super fudged up ways that kind of makes me want to quarantine myself after watching them. The only difference is sometimes some live. but its above saw because it does have a special effect on the people who watch


This one can obviously slide around this list greatly from different people depending on how much they like watching zombie movies. I like them but I'm nowhere close to loving them. I like to watch more of the one killer with a good backstory. However I have to give it up to Romero for originality. He does a good job at varying the characters, plot, setting, and storyline fairly well. Especially for zombie movies. This franchise still lacks originality movie to movie. Even though for a zombie franchise it has great originality, you can only take that so far in a zombie franchise.

#7 ALIEN FRANCHISE (6 films counting crossovers)

We definitely have a iconic victim and the aliens are pretty popular. Aliens VS Predators was one of the only big crossovers in the horror genre. So its got popularity. Though not even the first one is really original because aliens are a pretty popular thing in popular culture. However, Aliens VS Predators was a very enjoyable way to cross these two Sci-Fi creatures paths. And the crossovers sequel,requiem had good intentions and ideas. I mean those two fighting right in the middle of a city was an idea that could've skyrocketed. Even though that sky rocket fizzled out somewhat early the franchise itself had great moments

  picture of an alien
picture of an alien

#6 CHILD'S PLAY (6 films)

Ah, the all so infamous doll. Now where getting up to my favorites in this list. Chucky was super original, a serial killer used voodoo to transfer his soul into a doll. The first three films were roughly about a psycho doll who tried to kill whoever owned him. Until he got a bride and a kid, which was 4 and 5. The sixth film is going to be a remake. Here we catch for the first time on this list a killer of iconic status. Though he's mentioned with the likes of Freddy, Jason, and Michael most slasher fans know Chucky isn't even a little threatening. But he is a funny foul mouth kids toy so I gotta love him for that.


#5 A NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST. (10 films with crossover)

Possibly the most iconic villain Freddy Kreuger. The original was by legend Wes Craven. It was made to feed the growing hunger for slasher movies but became huge in its own right.The 1st one was legendary the second one was definitely not the best sequel ever but it did its job.The 3rd came out with decent success too. But then the series fired off 3 misfires in a row before Wes Craven (writer and director of the original) returned to the drivers seat to give us a new nightmare. It had great originality and a plot and storyline with the ability to creep anyone out. And then came the crossover of Freddy vs Jason where we saw two legendary slashers collide where Freddy technically only had one on screen kill. The remake made everybody play wheres willow with Robert Englund but I liked the Freddy in the remake. I'm not saying the actor was better by any means. But I think he's as good as we will get for a 2nd best Freddy.

  robert englund as freddy
robert englund as freddy

#4 FRIDAY THE 13th (12 films including crossover)

The highest body count lies within this franchise. This was #1 but it got moved back because the first 7 were virtually the same movie with no originality until part 8 when Jason goes to Manhattan. Part 9 was the worst of the franchise easily. The only good thing about it is we got to see Freddy pull Jason's mask down into hell which gave us Freddy vs Jason. But before that we got Jason X. It was a so-so movie for the series that had immense originality but the majority of the characters lacked,Well, character. I mean You weren't really happy or sad to see a lot of them die which is a running problem for the franchise. Freddy vs Jason is the first slasher movie crossover and even though it has taken a lot of criticism I personally loved Ken Kerzinger as Jason and it started many ideas for crossovers. Overall this amazing franchise would've ranked higher if it had more originality in parts one through seven.


This is what truly started the slasher craze. The original coming four years before halloween in 1974. The original was not all that gory. However the 2003 remake made my skin crawl when their skin was getting cut off. Another iconic killer that actually lived with people. In the original he was a cannibalistic, chainsaw wielding, psycho, redneck with his brother, his dad and his granddad who was as old as dirt. With a 3-D movie in 2013 that was great by me and a prequel I think in 2006 was the goriest movie I've ever seen with pretty much all of all of them showing me something new. This franchise gets #3.


I already know what your thinking and yes this series deserves #2. Why you ask? Because the slasher genre was d-e-a-d then Wes Craven once again designed a master piece original that brought it back to life followed by a fantastic sequel. I believe the 3rd one was not as good. I didn't like it nearly as much as the others but I guess it was alright but left fans holding there breath for 11 years until we got Scream 4 which with a new generation of fans and expectations that ultimately held Scream 4 underground but I honestly rank it as my second favorite behind the original. And with a television show on MTV soon who knows, if it's sucessful it may move to #1.


I wanna start with the elephant in the room here. I hated Rob Zombie's 2nd remake and Halloween 3 so much I could do an entire post on it. But my love for the others put it here. We start in 1978, the original halloween sparked franchises Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm St. It has both an iconic killer and an iconic victim being Laurie Strode and Ressurection even had Busta Rhymes in it. Paul Rudd was in number 6. Rob Zombie's remake of the original had shining moments but I have saw better remakes.


so what do you give my list


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