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The CW’s first season of their new show The Flash, looks like it will include not only Reverse Flash and Captain Cold, as had been previously announced, but TV Line reports that the metallic juggernaut Girder will also become a recurring character. This means that the show could potentially mean the formation of The Rogues!

  He looks like the Tin Man 2.0!
He looks like the Tin Man 2.0!

After having accidentally fallen into a vat of molten steel contaminated with S.T.A.R. Labs leftovers, Tony Woodward, an aggressive man as it is, is transformed into the super-strong, harm-resistant supervillain Girder. The CW has stated that they will likely take creative license and change Woodward’s backstory. Instead of a steelworker, he will be Barry Allen’s schoolmate and childhood bully! With the success of their show [Arrow](series:720988) we’re interested to see where the CW’s version of the DC comic will go!

Still no confirmed casting for Girder, but we know that the Flash in the flesh will be played by Grant Gustin (Arrow,[Glee](movie:718630)), Wentworth Miller will take on the role of Captain Cold (Prison Break) and Rick Cosnett ([The Vampire Diaries](series:200853)) as Reverse-Flash/Professor Zoom.

[The Flash](movie:15273) is due to air Tuesday October 7th at 8/7 central.


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