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Something special happens when a group of fans come together in the hopes of getting a renewal, or saving their favorite show from the depths of cancellation obscurity. Most people eventually don't give losing a favorite show a second thought, but then again, fandoms are generally made up of most people.

I am a proud member of a few different fandoms, and have had the experience of meeting them in person at various cons. When bonded together by the love of a television show and its characters creates this fun atmosphere and a strong sense of family. When you look at the shows that have the boldest, loudest fan bases, you'll see those shows also have a very strong sense of family.

Gee, wonder where we learned it from.

Characters that leave impressions, relationships that hit close to home, and a story unfolding that is not only riveting, but mysterious and exciting. I could be describing a lot of these different shows, but in this case, I am talking about Revolution.

When NBC decided it wasn't worth keeping, fans immediately starting campaigning to Netflix, asking them to pick it and keep it going. They did it for Arrested Development. They did it for The Killing. Why not Revolution?

The current petition has reached over 50K signatures, and has sparked an array of fan made videos asking someone to "turn the power back on". Mailing campaigns like RevoGuitar Picks, a weekly rewatch gathering on twitter through Netflix streaming and fan-run websites dedicated to have gained a fairly large following.

There has been plenty of examples lately of a cancelled show finding a new home on another network or platform. The fans of Community are well on their way to thanks to Yahoo TV.

So, I ask again, why not Revolution?

There's more story left to tell, we just need to find a place to tell it.


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