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Joe Brunett

With Rob Zombie's new film coming out '31', I thought I would bring out an idea that I have had for a while now.

I could watch 'House of 1000 Corpses' and 'The Devils Rejects' over and over again. These films never get old to me, and every time I watch them I pick up something new that I have never noticed before. As I was watching them recently I thought to myself, what were these people like before this? How did Otis, Baby, Tiny, etc behave and act when they were kids. What happened to Captain Spaulding? Have they always been this way?

These questions always come to mind. I don't think a TV show would work, but maybe they could develop some sort of prequel to these two films. Now you don't wanna ruin anything by messing up the story so bringing back Rob Zombie would be a must. The character of Otis is probably my favorite. He is just so unusual and crazy which is awesome. I don't know about the other fans out there but I would like to see some backstory to him and all the other characters. Of course Dr. Satan would play a bigger role, which I wish he did in the past films.

But this would be more of a horror film like 'House of 1000 Corpses'. I loved 'The Devils Rejects' but that was more of an action, thriller; which definitely worked. It can feature more of Mother Firefly, Grandpa, and RJ and other characters that didn't get enough screen time.


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