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OK, maybe not, but he is sporting some serious headgear in this novel-inspired poster for his new movie Horns, which is set to be released October 31st in the US.

This dark fantasy thriller film was directed by Alexandre Aja (the same mastermind that brought us Piranha and The Hills Have Eyes), and is an adaptation of Joe Hill's book. It stars Daniel Radcliffe in the leading role as Ig Perrish, a man accused of the violent rape and murder of his girlfriend, Merrin (played by Juno Temple). He searches for the truth behind Merrin's death and uses his newly-discovered powers to do so.

Aside from the horns sprouting from his head, Ig's powers include forcing someone to confess their sins and act on their darkest, most unspeakable impulses, which prove to be more than useful as he discovers the true circumstances of Merrin's tragedy. This movie looks into the selfish, dark nature of humans, as well as seeing how far someone will go for justice.

That is of course, if it follows the original pattern of the novel. Being the bookworm I am, and my lack of faith in book-to-movie adaptations, it's only safe to say I am a bit leery of another Percy Jackson-level rip-off. The trailer is promising, however, and especially given Radcliffe and Aja's talents, I'll be more than likely waiting anxiously for Halloween.

For now, enjoy this teaser!


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