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Warning: Potential Walking Dead Season 5 spoilers to follow. Proceed with caution.

According to those hard-working folks over at The Spoiling Dead Fans, there have been multiple sightings of a certain cast member returning to The Walking Dead Season 5 set.

The problem?

This character died very horribly in Season 4.

It was horrible
It was horrible

Yes, according to eyewitnesses Scott Wilson, aka Hershel Greene, has been seen hanging around on set:

Multiple confirmations of Scott Wilson aka Hershel being on set today! Now why would he be there..........death anyone?

This would be intriguing at the best of times, but when you factor in that cast and crew are currently filming the mid-season finale, things take a decidedly more serious turn.

So why is Scott Wilson back? Here are three possible theories.

1) Move Along, Nothing to See Here

Friends Reunited
Friends Reunited

The first, and most innocent explanation, is that Scott was in the Atlanta area so decided to stop by the set and pay a visit to old friends. Perhaps they reminisced about the times they killed all those walkers, or when Hershel lost his head to the Governor. There might have been beer, karaoke and some streaking and a good time was probably had by all.

2) Flash (Back) Dance

Flash, aha!
Flash, aha!

If it was more than just a social visit to The Walking Dead set, and Scott was in fact there for filming, then there's a strong possibility he was filming a Hershel flashback. We saw flashbacks used in Season 4 with both Michonne and the Governor, so we know the showrunners have it in their locker. What shape this flashback would take is anybody's guess, though.

However, if it wasn't a straight-up flashback, then another possibility could be Hershel appears in a vision to one of the other characters. Lori appeared multiple times to Rick after her death, so I could imagine if one of his daughters were in a tight spot he could emerge to help them to safety/give them some fatherly advice.

3) The Nuclear Option

We know Scott was on set during filming of the mid-season finale and we know [The Walking Dead](series:201193) is kinda fond of killing off major characters during this hour of mayhem - heck, Hershel himself met a grisly demise during the Season 4 mid-season finale. We also know that when a much-beloved character is killed off, cast members present and past attend a "death dinner", where they all get together, drink beer, sing karaoke and go streaking.

Or something like that.

So if Scott was indeed there to attend a death dinner, who do you think died? Glenn? Maggie? Beth? Carol? Bob? Literally no one is safe.


Why was Hershel on set?

(Source The Spoiling Dead Fans)


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