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Jess O'Kane

There's been a lot of flack lately for Teenage Nutant Minja Turtles, but this clip might convince you that the modern Michelangelo is nearer the real thing than previously thought.

The adaptation, which debuts this weekend amid some stinking reviews, features Megan Fox, Will Arnett and Johnny Knoxville as the voice of Leonardo.

Fans and critics alike have been quick to criticise Bay's transformation of a childhood favourite into a CGI monstrosity, but let's not forget that visuals aren't everything.

More importantly, it's essential to capture the characters of the turtles themselves, whose pizza-loving laissez faire attitude to crime fighting left a lasting impression on kids in the late 80s and beyond.

This scene might suggest that director Jonathan Liebesman has a better grasp on those traits than we previously expected. It features the turtle's first encounter with the deadly Foot gang, and their quick retreat to the elevator, where naturally an impromptu beat-box begins.

Check it out below.

(Source: Giant Freakin Robot)


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