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Katie Holmes has spoken out in a recent interview and admitted she would like to give her time as Xenu's dead-eyed sedated bride a deep sea burial in an iron chest... Or, she would have said that if Cruise and his culty chums at the Scientology office hadn't wiped her hard drive first.

Instead, when the 35-year-old actress and ninja divorce expert was asked about if she ever looked back wistfully at her time with one of Hollywood's biggest A-listers, she replied;

You know what, I never really look back. I always…I just approach life, I take it one day at a time, and I'm really excited about where I am right now…and I've had some really wonderful, creative experiences. And so I'm just excited about the future

For those of you who don't speak "legally binding gagging order" I think this translates to something along the lines of:

"the shame of marrying that bloke who jumped on a sofa and tried to send my child to school on a cult ship is so great that if I look back, I have to call my therapist and rock and cry in a corner for 6 hours. It just ain't worth it"

  By the powers of Xenu!
By the powers of Xenu!

Thanks, Katie I've been waiting for an excuse to use that GIF for weeks!


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(Source: US Weekly)


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