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The FCC have their panties in a twist about a raunchy Miley Cyrus fourth of July special, but is the 22-year-old pop starlet's oft-exposed underbutt really that offensive?

Well, apparently it is to a grand total of three crotchety old farts. Despite the meagre handfuls of complaints from over two million viewers, the Federal Communications Commission is now in the process of analyzing whether the show violated profanity rules.

The July fourth weekend special in question aired on July 6 and featured Miley behind the scenes of her Bangerz tour as well as twerking what her momma gave her on-stage.

Whereas I personally think the constricting crotches of Miley's leotards should be banned for the sake of her poor, suffocating nether-regions, apparently this wasn't the source of the majority of the complaints.

Instead people had a bee in their bonnet about a rather lecherous Abraham Lincon look-a-like that joined Miley for her on-stage antics. According to one of the complaints;

She was dressed more in line with a video geared towards MTV. Her performance was impropriate [sic] for broadcast TV, as she grinded along there was a costumed performer depicting President Lincoln following behind her and alongside her and the character acted quite lecherous even patting her on the backside. Very patriotic for the 4th ya think?

Another complaint by the most fun parent that has ever lived details how he was appalled that the PG-13 rating of the show allowed it to bypass his TV's built in fun filter. He wrote;

I am offended, appalled and ready to start taking public action to remove this garbage from our televisions.

Come on now parents, I'm sure we all remember sitting in the dark secretly watching filth on television with the volume turned off and we all turned out fine, right?


Do you think the FCC really need to investigate the Miley Cyrus broadcast?

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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