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Despite the first episode still being months away, Vampire Diaries Season 6 plot details are coming at us thick and fast, and this time in Caroline who is in the spotlight.

Everybody's favorite vampiric cheerleader is not faring well since the apocalyptic ending of season 5, and in the words of executive producer, Julie Plec;

She is trying to hold the whole group together and is just, in her mind, failing miserably and really struggling

Caroline has been the glue that's held [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) crew together through tough times since season one, but even her social powers of cohesion are challenged by the trying times that await in season 6.

It's no wonder Caroline is having a rough time when you think about it though, she will be helping Stefan grieve for his brother while juggling her feelings for the younger Salvatore brother. Not to mention bowing under the strains of getting through her sophomore year at Whitmore College.

Back in July, Julie Plec also had a lot to say about Caroline at SDCC. The executive producer teased fans by saying;

Caroline is probably someone who will surprise you. She's taken this loss — in a weird way almost the hardest — so she's going to have to bounce back in her Caroline way. Who she bounces back with and how she does it and how she's living her life is revealed in the first episode. Her journey is where are all her friends and if only she could figure out a way to bring them all back together, get the magic back to Mystic Falls, find a way to bring Damon and Bonnie home than life would be perfect. But it's harder than she thought

But, who might Caroline be bouncing back with? It wouldn't exactly be surprising to say Stefan, so I speculate it could be another member of TVD crew.

This might be controversial, but does anyone think it could be Enzo? He might be a bit of bad guy, but he is far enough removed from the group for it to make sense and Caroline has had a bit of a cheeky dynamic with him in the past... Then again, there is a hot new med student on the scene so maybe he could also be a possibility?

Who know if the bounce back will be romantic, but knowing Caroline's storylines, I'm willing to say she will be the love interest once again!


Who do you think Caroline might "bounce back with"?

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