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A year after splitting from Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev has admitted that she would like a steady boyfriend in her life, but she isn't craving a man for the reasons you might expect...

Instead of being ready for romance, Dobrev simply want to press to get off her back. The 25-year-old [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) actress admitted that she doesn't sit about googling her own name, but is alerted to the rumors by curious friends. Nina explained that;

It is funny 'cause I try not to read any of that kind of stuff, but when you start getting text messages from your friends with a link to something and they'll be like, 'Oh my God, are you really dating this person!' and I'll be like, 'Um, I talked to him last night for a second,' or, 'Yeah, I saw him at this party,' and all the sudden you're dating somebody.Especially after Comic-Con, apparently, I was dating like 10 people. I had a busy weekend

Clearly the rumors that Dobrev is getting with everybody from Orlando Bloom to Liam Hemsworth are kind of killing the footloose and fancy free vibe of the single life.

Despite joking about her 'many boyfriends' via Instagram just a few days ago, Dobrev has decided that maybe it's time to settle down. She said;

Honestly, I need to get a steady boyfriend so that people can stop speculating

I just really hope she was joking again this time. It would be pretty savage if media whisperings had caused Nina Dobrev to feel pressured into getting another steady boyfriend if she doesn't really want one.

Rumors are one thing that every celeb has to deal with, but the way they are reported is another thing entirely. I've noticed there is a lot of aggression and venom in the way that certain sources report on Nina, and this can't be pleasant for Dobrev, or her close friends to be bombarded with.


Do you think the media is too hard on Nina Dobrev?

(Source: ABC via Huffington Post)


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