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Sure, we may all have been watching the 50 Shades trailer on loop for the past week, but that doesn't mean that rest of the world is standing still. Case in point: Jamie Dornan - Christian Grey himself - has found himself yet another part in a major motion picture.

This time around, though, it looks like there's going to be a lot less kinky sex, and a whole lot more geopolitical intrigue.

He's set to star in The Siege of Jadotville, an upcoming action thriller from writer Kevin Brodbin and director Richie Smyth - but the most intriguing part comes courtesy of the film's plot:

Set in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo back in 1961, the film tells the story of 150 Irish U.N. troops under siege by a pro-western warlord after the country's democratically elected Prime Minister Patrice Lamumba was killed.

That's right - they're under siege from a pro-western warlord. It was a pretty messed up situation.

Which means we can expect Game of Thrones-level moral complexity - with, presumably, an all-guns-blazing war movie core. Dornan is set to play Commander Pat Quinlan, who led the U.N. battalion against seemingly overwhelming odds.

With, you'd have to imagine, his shirt off. In the movie, at least.

This is a post [Fifty Shades of Grey](movie:391697) Trailer world, after all.

Speaking of which - there isn't yet a trailer for The Siege of Jadotville, because they haven't actually made it yet. So if you're desperate for a bit of Dornan action, here you go:

You're welcome...


What do you guys think? Up for The Siege of Jadotville?

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