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Solon Papageorgiou

What's that? Is Aquaman getting his own movie?

That's right! It seems that we are going to see the King of Atlantis in his own, great DC live-action film. Are you excited?

Many fans think that he is the worst hero ever. That's right! Although he is a king, he doesn't have many fans. Recently, director Zack Snyder tried to prove the haters wrong. Don't worry Zack! I'm here to continue your work. So, without any other delays, here are 10 reasons to be excited about the [Aquaman](movie:264237) film!

1. He is a very powerful hero

Aquaman vs Wonder Woman
Aquaman vs Wonder Woman

Aquaman is a complete badass. He does way more than talk to fish! He has super strength, advanced speed and swimming abilities, superhuman endurance and reflexes, telepathic control over sea life and many more powers. He has fought and won gods, like Triton the son of the Greek god Poseidon. In the storyline Flashpoint, Aquaman held his own against Wonder Woman! He is an excellent swordsman and a very skilled fighter. He is the wielder of the iconic Trident of Neptune, a magical weapon that grants its wielder great power and the divine right to rule the sea. Aquaman commands armies of Atlanteans and sea creatures and is a wise leader and a great strategist.

You don't wanna mess with him!
You don't wanna mess with him!

2. He is something that even the Marvel fans can relate to

Aquaman is a character who can be loved by the Marvel fans too. His story, his villains, his battles, the specific and powerful weapon he has... All of those reasons make him similar to Thor. Both of them are kings, who lost their thrones by their evil stepbrothers and managed to get their royal titles back with the help of a trusted team of allies and they have iconic and powerful weapons. Thor is Marvel's Aquaman. Although they have many similarities, they are completely different in other ways. So, he can be a sympathetic hero for every Marvel fan.

3. There are many interesting storylines to follow

This is true. Both Aquaman and his stories became way better after the New 52 relaunch. Specifically, we've got "The Trench", "The Others" and "Death of a King". All of them are awesome. In "The Trench" we are introduced to the new origin of Aquaman while in "The Others" he fights his evil nemesis, Black Manta, with the help of a team called The Others. "Death of a King" is the last Aquaman story written by Geoff Johns and it is equally amazing. However, the best story featuring the king of seas is "The Throne of Atlantis", a crossover with the Justice League. When his evil brother Orm attacks the surface world and captures the Justice League, it's up to Aquaman to defend a race he pretty much dislikes.

Other good storylines, that occurred before the New 52, are "The Triton Saga", "Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman" and "Aquaman: Time and Tide".

4. He is a very different hero

"B*tch, please! I'm a king!"
"B*tch, please! I'm a king!"

Aquaman is very different from Batman and Superman. Although he combines some of Superman's powers with Batman's strategic mind, he isn't like any other superhero. Most of his adventures are underwater. Aquaman also hates many of the habits and the policies of the humans and usually argues with many residents of the surface world. He is much more strict and has a harsh code of ethics. He is the king of Atlantis and he answers to no one.

5. The supporting characters are really, really good

Aquaman, his wife and The Others
Aquaman, his wife and The Others

During his years as a hero, Aquaman has been joined by several allies. His classic sidekick is Aqualad AKA Jaymz Gambrell AKA Garth. This Aqualad was one of the first members of the Teen Titans and now is a much more powerful superhero. The newest Aqualad is Kaldur'ahm (I can't pronounce this), who is the son of Aquaman's main enemy, the Black Manta. Both of them are very useful and have helped Aquaman during various occasions. Recently, another team of heroes has been introduced as his helpers, the mysterious group known as The Others. However, his most trusted ally is his wife, Mera. Mera is a kickass female with similar powers and a superhero too. She defends her husband at any price and has become a fan favorite. Like Arthur Curry (Aquaman's secret identity), she is harsh and tough, but a very interesting character.

6. His enemies are pretty threatening

It is unfair to claim that only Batman and Flash have interesting rogue galleries. Aquaman's enemies are very mysterious and dangerous. His arch rival is Black Manta, one of the best African American villains in the entire comic book history. Manta wants revenge upon Arthur because his father was killed by Aquaman. His second main villain is his half-brother, Orm. Orm is an Atlantean and an enemy not only to his brother but to the entire Justice League. Arthur also has many more villains like Charybdis, the monster who cut his hand off, and King Shark, a major recurring enemy.

7. He has punched Death!

That's right! Aquaman PUNCHED Death in the face! In order to defeat Triton, Aquaman needed to travel to Hades. There he met Charon, the ancient Greek god who symbolized death and escorted the lost souls to the land of the dead. Aquaman punched Charon, stole his boat, hit him again and then defeated the monstrous giant three headed dog known as Cerberus. If that doesn't make him a baddass, then what does?

8. He is a very tragic character

I mean, he lost his hand!
I mean, he lost his hand!

Many fans consider him a ridiculous hero. However, he is not. Aquaman deals with real loss. His son got murdered by Black Manta. His wife left him and crushed his heart. His own hand was cut off by the monstrous Charybdis. He watches his beloved sea getting polluted every day by humans. The surface world hates the Atlanteans. However, Aquaman is always there in order to defend and help the weak. He has managed to overcome the difficulties. I know others heroes have lost things too, but let's be honest. Superman and Wonder Woman were killed, but resurrected. Batman lost his second Robin, but he later returned. Batgirl was shot by the Joker, but later recovered. The Kryptonian race was destroyed, however, there are many survivors like Supergirl, her father, the people of Kandor and more.

9. He is one of the founders of the Justice League

Aquaman co-founded the [Justice League](movie:401267) in both the mainstream continuity and in the New 52 universe. Also, during the very first battle with the Justice League, he stabbed Darkseid with his Trident into his eye. During the years, he has been a valuable member to the team.

10. Great CGI use and wonderful scenes

If the Aquaman movie is eventually made, then it is going to require great use of CGI. Just imagine it! A wonderful underwater world! An imaginary, fantastic kingdom. A giant castle under the sea surrounded by sea creatures! Isn't that great? It is going to be ten times more beautiful than Asgard! The Aquaman adventures are full with amazing sceneries and I think that the movie is going to be artistically great.

So, are you excited now? Personally, i can't wait to see the [Aquaman](movie:264237) movie. What do you think? Leave your comments down below!


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