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Back in June the Poster Posse launched a massive tribute for James Gunn/ Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 were, and still are, being very well received. Director James Gunn has been VERY generous in sharing multiple images from our project and he has even used one of them from Scott Hopko as his TWITTER header! Well Australian Poster Posse member, Florey, recently saw the film and immediately came home and created a companion piece to go with his ORIGINAL print from Phase 1.

In Florey’s original piece he focuses solely on the “heroes” of the film. The companion piece that he has created gives the bad guys their moment in the spotlight as they face off against the Guardians. The end result is pretty awesome.

As you can see below, these would look incredible if they were framed and on my office wall, I MEAN… if fans could get their hands on them. (Sorry, but they are not available for sale at this time. Our fingers ARE crossed though….)

Florey even went so far as to give us a look at how cool it would be if they were the cover for a deluxe Steelbook edition of the Blu-ray. (We’d buy that!)

We can’t WAIT to see what James Gunn and Marvel have in store for us when “Guardians Of The Galaxy 2″ hits theaters in 2017. What can we expect? More Thanos? Meet Starlord’s Dad? Maybe an Avengers tie in? A Starlord/ Gamora tryst? What songs are on that Awesome Mix 2 tape? Who knows but we DO know that it will be hard waiting for this one. Congrats to James and Marvel for making us all care about a rag-tag team of a-holes. These guys are permanently on our radar now and we couldn’t be any happier!



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